You’ve been lovebombed

You’ve been lovebombed!

We believe that everyone is special, and we hope that you feel this way after being #lovebombed.
Love This City is a movement about people coming together to show radical love and kindness, it’s about love with no agenda.
So there is nothing we want in return.
But one thing we do want you to know, is that you have a God who loves you. No matter who you are or what life has been like for you. And if in hearing that, you do want to discover more about that love, there’s a great resource online that you can check out here.
Or if you would like to share your story about how you were lovebombed and what this meant to you, we would love to hear!
Please email your story to
If you have a specific need also, we would love to see if we could help. Please send us an email and we’ll see what we can do.
– Love This City team