Love This City is a movement where people come together to love on their city.

Love This City

Love This City is a movement inspiring radical acts of love. From an annual event that started in Auckland City, New Zealand, churches now from around the world gather simply just to go out and love on people. Cities are lit up as unsuspecting strangers are surprised with radical acts of love.

How did Love This City start?

Love This City started from a dream to see people from churches throughout the city come together to love on people, with the objective being to show love with no agenda. The first Love This City event was held in Auckland, New Zealand in August 2013 and there are now subsequent events throughout the country and a number of other continents with the launch of Local – an initiative that makes Love This City happen in people’s local communities.

What is at the heart of Love This City?

The heart behind Love This City is to impact a city with love and inspire a movement of kindness and radical generosity. At the very heart of this movement is ‘love with no agenda’ ­ for people to come together, united from throughout the city to demonstrate God’s love and kindness, requiring nothing in return.

There is also a focus of honouring those that serve our cities who are often not recognised; including the police force, bus drivers, street cleaners, and store owners.

Love This City also creates the opportunity for people to experience what it feels like to give and demonstrate love in this way. We have found particularly for the younger generation, that it is a fun and un­intimidating way to reach out to others, and is a stepping stone for many to continue in other forms of outreach.

What happens at a Love This City event?

People from churches throughout the city meet at a designated venue where teams are allocated and then sent out across the city to love on people.

Most teams go out to do lovebombs – where a group of people shower gifts upon an unsuspecting stranger leaving them with a “You’ve been lovebombed” card. They often don’t see it coming, but are left amazed and many teary-eyed from receiving such love with no agenda. This also includes lovebombing those who serve the city (bus drivers, street cleaners, policemen, store owners etc) who are left with a “Thank you for serving our city” card.

The other activities on the night include:

  • Serving the homeless community through the distribution of food, clothing, blankets, as well as hair transformations and distribution of bus cards
  • Delivering surprise food hampers to families in need throughout the city
  • Other random acts of kindness, such as paying for people’s meals, groceries, or petrol
  • Anything that demonstrates love

With sponsorship from a number of local businesses, food items and small gifts are collected for the night, however a majority of the gifts for the lovebombs are brought by those who attend.

Who is involved in the Love This City events?

Any church groups are welcome to be involved. We have a range of ages attending the event, with the majority being youth/young adults, but also families and older generations.

There are a number of ways for people to be involved with Love This City. They can simply organise to attend as a group, with everyone bringing a few things to give away. Or they can be involved with baking goods/creating hampers for the families in need.


Our heart is for people to be equipped and activated to love on their local communities within and outside of Auckland. Which led to our new initiative launched this year, Local (by Love This City).

Local is a community version of Love This City ­where we support and encourage groups to love on their local communities. This includes lovebombing strangers, honouring bus drivers and others who serve your city, or delivering food hampers to families in need.