Love This City Auckland is happening on 27th of October 2018. Details to come out soon so don’t miss this chance to get involved!

Get Involved

There are two ways to get involved. The first is by turning up on the day to #lovebomb this city. We are often in need of buses or vans to transport people around the city and leaders to look after groups. You can also get involved by donating money to help fund the event or by donating food, gifts and blankets that we give away on the day. All donations go directly towards the event.

Partner With Us

We often partner with social organizations and businesses to #lovebomb our city. We do this in two ways, through gifts and random acts of kindness to people in the community, and through honouring public servants. If you would like to partner with us get in touch.
I don’t know who you are, but I want to know. I recently received a gift from you. I thought I’m alone in this city, now I’m gonna cry because I was wrong. Im an overseas student… Big, bigger, biggest hug from me to you.

I work in one of the dairy shops on Queen Street and just half an hour ago while working here, I got an extraordinary gift written as ‘THANK YOU FOR SERVING OUR CITY’. I’m gonna keep it forever with me… I am so happy.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us